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Sunday, 19th July 2020

Riyadh, 19th July 2020: The Uganda Embassy in Riyadh extends its heartfelt greetings to theUgandans living and working in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, The State ofKuwait and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Embassy has consulted various Airlines to arrange Specialrepatriation flights for registered stranded Ugandan nationals in the threecountries mentioned above, expected to commence on Sunday, 9th August2020. Following these consultations, we would like to update the public onthe matter as follows;

1.     List of RegisteredUgandans in the Countries of accreditation as of 14th July 2020

i.              List of the Ugandans registered in the HashemiteKingdom of Jordan are 202. Out of this number, only 151 have expressedwillingness to meet the cost of the ticket

ii.             List of the Ugandans registered in the State of Kuwaitare 49. Out of this number, only 42 have expressed willingness to meet the costof the ticket

iii.           List of the Ugandans registered in the Kingdom ofBahrain are 19. Out of this number, only 16 have expressed willingness to meetthe cost of the ticket

iv.            These lists are not exhaustive; however, they give anindication to the number of people who are able to meet the associated costs ofreturning at the earliest opportunity.


2.     Flight Details/Options.

i.              Emirates Airlines has offered us the following costsper ticket from the different cities as follows;

       Amman to Entebbe:                   SAR 2,430        =            JD460

       Kuwait to Entebbe:                    SAR 2,633        =            KD217

       Manama to Entebbe:                  SAR 2,265        =            BD228

ii.             Emirates has advised that we prepare a list of thosewho are ready and willing to make the payment for this flight before it can bedesignated on a particular date.

iii.           The charter flight date and time will ONLY beconfirmed after the flight is fully booked, paid up and the necessaryclearances are sought from the respective Civil Aviation Authorities.


3.     Payment Terms;

i.              The Embassy is in final stages of identifying the mostconvenient mode of payment considering it is not physically present to collectthe fare and disburse it to the agreed airline upon collection.

ii.             Therefore, all intending travellers should NOTmake any payments until the Embassy has finalized on the most convenientpayment method which it will communicate in due course.

iii.           If the flight is not operated due to unforeseenreasons, all money will be refunded to the payees or retained for the nextavailable flight date, whichever is desirable.


4.     Standard OperatingProcedures;

i.              You are all reminded that all travel arrangements mustbe carried out in line with the Standard Operating Procedures that were issuedby the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uganda which arecurrently on the Embassy website:

ii.             All those intending to travel by the first charterflight should endeavour to take the PCR test for COVID-19 at least 10 daysprior to departure as the guidelines stipulate.

iii.           All passengers are required to inform the Embassy ofthe quarantine facility of choice prior to departure, if not yet done.

iv.            All passengers are reminded to verify that theirpassports and required exit visa are current and valid. For those who require aone-way Uganda Emergence Travel Certificate, please send an email to for further details.


5.     Contact Persons formore information;


i.              Mr. Nurh Byarufu                    

Designation:     Charge D' Affaires A.I Uganda Embassy -Riyadh

Mobile: +966547111665



ii.             Mr. Ivan Kakama

Designation:     HeadConsular Affairs Uganda Embassy Riyadh

Mobile: +966558394601


In a bid to ensure that this charter flight is confirmed to take placebefore 15th August 2020, booking and payment should be made by mainlythose who are able to meet the cost of the private quarantine facilities asprescribed by the Ministry of Health in Uganda. This is because thepublic designated quarantine facilities are fully occupied until early September2020.

Important to note;

1.     The Government ofUganda has not allowed regular passenger flights in and out of the country.Therefore, only specially arranged flights are being considered.

2.     All travellers areresponsible for the cost of their travel and any other related costs.

3.     The flight will only beundertaken if the plane is filled to capacity before departure thereforetravellers are encouraged to book the flight when announced.

4.     The Embassy is not ableto waive any requirement indicated in the standard operating procedures for anyinterested traveller.

The Embassywill endeavour to make its next communication in this regard on Thursday 23rdJuly 2020 at 18:00 hrs to provide a status update on the payment optionsavailable and any other necessary information.

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