The application including payment must all be submitted/done online. During the approval process additional information may be required from the applicant who must submit the information electronically through "Manage your applications".

The decision taken on the application, including an Application Identification Number will be sent electronically to the applicant through his or her email. The Application Identification Number, Date of Birth and Passport Number are important for accessing "Manage application" to check the status of the application.

If approved, an approval letter will be sent as an attachment to the email provided by the applicant.

The visa sticker does not guarantee entry into Uganda. Travelers will be subjected to secondary verification where necessary before the biometric capture or personalization. 

The biometric capture or personalization can be conducted at Entebbe International Airport for those who wish to travel by air and at other ports of entry such as Mutukula, Malaba, Busia and Katuna among others for those who wish to travel by road.

  • A bio-data page of a valid passport of not less than 6 months validity to the Immigration officer at the port of entry.
  • A valid yellow fever vaccination certificate or a waiver.
  • A recent passport size photograph.
  • An invitation letter bearing telephone or cellphone numbers.
  • Proof of accommodation in Uganda.
  • Proof of employment if applicable.
  • Police clearance for multiple entry visas. These may be obtained through the Interpol. 


Diplomatic and Official Passport Holders from the Republic of South Africa are exempted from Visa requirements to Uganda.

However, for Diplomatic and Official Passport Holders from countries which are not exempted from Visa to Uganda, all applications must be submitted online at 0 USD fees.

The Embassy of the Republic of Uganda in Riyadh also informs the general public that the Government of Uganda adopted the e-visa system (electronic visa) in 2017 for easier, quicker and more efficient service delivery to all those who wish to travel to Uganda. Therefore, from 1st April 2018, the Embassy will no longer issue manually processed visas (sent through the mail and/or dropped off by courier as has been the practice).

All those who wish to receive visas to Uganda please visit You may select Entebbe as your point of personalization.

Please note that the Embassy will continue to issue only Gratis Visas (Click for application) using manual system.The Embassy regrets any inconveniences this may cause.

For details relating to the e-visa system and other services offered, please visit