Ugandan Migrant Workers Job Order Submission Form

Welcome to Uganda Embassy Job Order Submission Form.

Your attention is drawn to the requirements when submitting a Job Order as follows;

1. Valid Labour License issued by the Ministry of Labour of the host country to engage in the recruitment of labour. Expiry of the license should NOT be less than 6 months from the date of submission.
2. Valid accreditation code issued by the Embassy of Uganda in Riyadh to recruit workers from Uganda.
3. Availability of a decent accommodation to receive distressed Uganda migrant workers with a capacity of at least 50 persons at a go.
4. Availability of a Ugandan coordinator certified by the Embassy at the foreign recruiting agency to coordinate and resolve the matters of Ugandans deployed by your company. A passport copy and valid telephone contact should be attached.
5. A current status report of all the deployed Ugandan migrant workers under the agency indicating the following; (A template is attached for ease of reference)
i.) Availability of a local sim card
ii.) Availability of a local bank account
iii.) Salary payment
iv.) Food arrangements
v.) Sleeping facility
vi.) House Size
vii.) Family Size
viii.) Resting Time
ix.) Other remarks
6. Status of pending complaints received by your company indicating the actions taken to resolve those cases. (A template is attached for ease of reference)
7. Valid Job Order documents for attestation which include the following; (A template is attached for ease of reference)
i.) Demand letter
ii.) Powers of Attorney
iii.) Agency Service Agreement
iv.) Employment Contract (If not from Musaned)

Disclaimer; The information submitted through this form is confidential, privileged, and only for the information of the Embassy, its subsidiaries, and agents, however will be used, published, or redistributed without the prior consent of the sender. While every care has been taken in preparing this form, the Embassy makes no representations and gives no warranty of whatever nature in respect to the responses of this form, including but not limited to accuracy and completeness of any information, facts, and or opinions contained therein. The Embassy, its subsidiaries, and agents can't be held liable for the use of and reliance on the opinions, estimates, and findings in the form responses.

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