Registration Form


1.A citizen of Uganda or a legal resident intending to travel back to Uganda under the arrangement of returning stranded nationals (returnee) must register with the nearest Embassy /High Commission of Uganda, herein after referred to as the responsible Embassy/High Commission and provide the following information;

a.)Ugandan Passport number, National ID or Residence/Work permit;

b.)Circumstances under which they got stranded abroad;

c.)Contact information of the next of kin in Uganda i.e. Telephone Number & LC1 location;

d.)Evidence of hospitalization for those who are returning from medical treatment abroad.

2.The returnee must sign and deposit at the responsible Embassy/High Commission an undertaking to undergo a PCR test for COVID-19 done at his/her current area of residence and again on arrival in Uganda. A copy of the undertaking can begot from the responsible Embassy/High Commission;

3.The returnee should indicate to the responsible Embassy/High Commission their choice of quarantine facility in Uganda. The available choices include both public centres and private hotels. A list of the approved quarantine centres (public and private) is herewith attached. NB: Clients going to hotels are strongly advised to make reservations prior to traveling. Hotel check-in will only be permitted after making payments.

4.The returnee will sign and deposit with the responsible Embassy/High Commission, a commitment to undergo a minimum of 14 days quarantine in the facility which they will have chosen from the list provided and to fully comply with the National Guidelines for Quarantine in the Context of COVID-19 that are issued by the Ministry of Health of Uganda;

5.The returnees who opt to be quarantined in a private hotel will meet the cost of their own quarantine.

6. The returnees will be responsible for making their own reservations with the airlines. The Embassy may only assist with overall coordination of the exercise.

7. The returnee will be required to present to the airline, proof of a negative PCR test result for COVID-19 as part of the requirements for confirmation of their flight booking. The test must have been taken at least 10 days prior to the date of the planned flight to Uganda. The PCR test for COVID-19 must have been done by a health facility that is accredited by the host Governments.

8.While in transit, the returnee will be required to adhere to the host country Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for safe travel and the SOPs provided by the airline while on the plane. This may include wearing of a face mask and sanitizing as may be required.

9.Every individual traveler is advised to carry a spare mask(s) in case they need to replace the original one that they have. Used masks will only be disposed in a facility provided for that purpose;

10. The returnee will pay for the entire cost of their own travel up to arrival at a designated point of entry into Uganda i.e. Entebbe airport or a designated border point of entry;

11.On arrival in Uganda, the returnee will observe the social distancing standards established by the Government of Uganda at the airport or border point of entry and will comply fully with all port of entry safety requirements;

12. No relatives or friends will be allowed to meet or pick a returnee from the airport on arrival in Uganda.

13. The returnee will deposit their passport with the Immigration officers on arrival in Uganda. The passport will only be given back to the returnee after the end of the mandatory quarantine period & upon presentation to the immigration office of a certificate of release from quarantine issued by the Ministry of Health. The said certificate must additionally indicate a negative test result.

14.The Ministry of Health may continue to follow up on the health of the returnee after she/he has been released from quarantine.

15.Additional procedures to those listed above may be issued by Government of Uganda from time to time.

To this effect, the Embassy of the Republic of Uganda in Riyadh is seeking to register and verify stranded Ugandan nationals who are currently in its area of accreditation (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Bahrain, State of Kuwait and Republic of Yemen), and as a result of travel restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, were not able to return home.

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