Vetting and Accreditation

Welcome to Uganda Embassy Foreign Recruiter Vetting and Accreditation Form. This is a mandatory form to be filled in English by a registered and licensed recruitment agency in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Jordan looking to carry out recruitment in the Republic of Uganda.

Your attention is drawn to the procedure for vetting and accreditation of foreign recruiting entities;

1. Company expresses interest by visiting the Embassy to learn about the opportunities available in Uganda. Thereafter a company is given a registration link where they submit an online application for accreditation.
2. The company then schedules to attend a comprehensive presentation by the Consular and Labour Affairs Department at the Embassy. This presentation covers the labour externalization background, challenges, causes, solutions, responsibilities of the different stakeholders and procedures for each activity.     

     3. The following information is collected in the application; 
  • Relevant company details such as Company name in English, License number from Ministry of Labour of the Issuing Country, Valid Trade License Number, Labour License type or class and company officials’ names and contacts. Expiry of the license should NOT be less than 3 months from the date of submission.
  • Availability of office space where business is carried out, preferably in close proximity with the accommodation of the DSW, name and contact of the complaint handling officer preferably UgandanAvailability of accommodation where the DSW are kept on arrival and in distress. Google location of the accommodation is also requested.
  • Availability of a Ugandan coordinator certified by the Embassy at the foreign recruiting agency to coordinate and resolve the matters of Ugandans deployed by your company. A passport copy and valid telephone contact should be attached. (This is for already accredited agencies)
  • A current status report of all the deployed Ugandan migrant workers under the agency as per attached template.
  • After submission of the documents, an officer reviews the information and then responds with an email to the company acknowledging receipt of the application and scheduling an appointment to do an on-site verification and inspection.
  • An on site visit of the company premises and accommodation premises to physically verify the authenticity of the application will be carried out in accordance with the standard operating procedures on prevention of the spread of COVID 19.
  • A unique accreditation code is issued to the foreign recruiting agency after all parameters are met. This code is used in the job order submission process.
4. This form has 4 Sections which include;
  1. RE-ACCREDITATION OF FOREIGN RECRUITING AGENCY: This section is to be filled by all Foreign Recruiting Agencies which have been accredited and they possess an accreditation code.
  2. FOREIGN RECRUITER ACCREDITATION: This section is to be filled by all Foreign Recruiting Agencies seeking to deploy Ugandan migrant workers.
  3. SUPPORTING EVIDENCE: This section provides an opportunity for the Foreign Recruitment Agency to attach relevant details in support of the application for due consideration.
  4. UNDERTAKING: This section is to be read and understood before submitting the form.
Important to note;
Only Embassy staff carry out the vetting and accreditation of the foreign recruitment companies. The Embassy has dully appointed and authorized agents to visit and carry out an on-site inspection on its behalf especially for areas which are far to reach and then prepare a report by which the Embassy officials decide whether to accredit or not. At every visit, the agency should request for the authorization letter from the Embassy before dealing with the concerned person.

After submitting this form, the Embassy will contact the foreign recruiter through the email provided to schedule a visit prior to issuance of a unique accreditation code.

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Disclaimer; The information submitted through this form is confidential, privileged, and only for the information of the Embassy, its subsidiaries, and agents, however will be used, published, or redistributed without the prior consent of the sender. While every care has been taken in preparing this form, the Embassy makes no representations and gives no warranty of whatever nature in respect to the responses of this form, including but not limited to accuracy and completeness of any information, facts, and or opinions contained therein. The Embassy, its subsidiaries, and agents can't be held liable for the use of and reliance on the opinions, estimates, and findings in the form responses.